This study aimed to comprehensively evaluate the effects of glycerine supplementation at various concentrations on performance, rumen fermentation, blood metabolites and product characteristics of beef and dairy cattle in vivo by using a quantitative meta‐analysis approach. Meta‐analysis was performed by integrating a total of 52 studies from 39 articles and 182 treatments into a database. Data were constructed into an intact database and did not distinguish between beef and dairy cattle, except for the parameters of production performance and product characteristics. Data summarized were analysed by using a statistical meta‐analysis that employed a fixed effect of glycerine supplementation level and a random effect of various studies for both beef and dairy cattle. Significance of an effect was stated at the probability level of p < .05, and p < .1 was considered as a tendency of significant. Results revealed that there was a linear decrease on dry matter intake (p < .01) and daily gain (p < .05) of beef cattle with the increasing levels of glycerine supplementation. Glycerine supplementation did not decrease milk production of lactating dairy cows. Molar proportion of acetate in the rumen was decreased (p < .001), whereas propionate and butyrate proportions were increased (both at p < .001) by glycerine supplementation. Generally, glycerine did not change nutrient digestibility except that it reduced fibre digestibility (p < .001). Glycerine supplementation linearly lowered triglyceride and NEFA concentrations (both at p < .05) in the blood serum, but not other blood metabolites. Glycerine tended to linearly increase (p < .1) carcass percentage in beef cattle. Increasing dietary glycerine levels decreased milk fat (p < .01) but elevated milk protein (p < .001). Glycerine tended to increase milk lactose (p < .1) by following a quadratic pattern. The proportion of MUFA was increased quadratically by glycerine supplementation (p < .05), whereas glycerine tended to decrease SFA by following a quadratic pattern (p < .1).