This study was conducted to determine the nutrient intake of lactating dairy cows in the wet and dry seasons in Wukirsari, Cangkringan, Sleman, Yogyakarta. The experiment was conducted using forty lactating Friesian Holstein cows selected from dairy group farms, with average body weight 421.77±28.60 kg, and in 1st to 3rd lactation, housed in permanent pen models stanchion barn with cement floors and rubber mat with feed and drink water. They were fed twice daily, morning and afternoon and drinking water was given ad libitum. Feed samples were taken and analyzed in the Laboratory of Dairy Science and Milk Industry, Faculty of Animal Science UGM. The observed variables were feed availability and nutrients intake. The comparison results between the two conditions (wet and dry seasons) were tested using independent t-test analysis. The result indicated that intake of dry matter, organic matter, crude fiber and total digestible nutrient were not differ significantly. However, intake of crude protein (2.52±0.37 vs. 2.22±0.43 kg DM/head/day) was differ significantly (P<0.05) between wet and dry seasons. It was concluded that nutrient intake of lactating dairy cows in the wet season was better than the dry season, especially the intake of crude protein.