Associate Research Fellow
Dimar Sari Wahyuni
Agency for The Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT)
Core Competence
Ruminant Nutrition, Feed Additive (bioactive compound) and Supplement, Feed Processing Technology, Ruminant Microbiology, Enteric Methane Emission of Ruminants, Feed Formulation
Education Background
S1 ( Bachelor) : IPB University (2004-2008)
S2 (Master ) : IPB University (sandwich program at Mie University, Japan) (2014-2016)
S3 (PhD) : on going at University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, Austria (2021-2024)
Research Experience
Complete Feed (palm oil waste ) development and assessment (2019), The Development of Oil Palm Specific Probiotic in the Beef Cattle Livestock-Oil Palm Integration (2014-2018), Nutritech development (Indigofera leaves and Cassava leaves extract) for improving in vitro ruminant fermentation by using RF gas system (2018), Utilization of Bioactive Compound of Tea Leaf (Camelia Sinensis) as Bypass Protein and Hibiscus rosa sinensis Leaf On Feed In Effort to Reduce Methane Gas Emissions from Dairy Cattle in vitro (Hohenheim gastest and Tilley and Terry method) and in vivo" (2011), Study of Nutritech Supplement Provision (BPPT development) for increasing milk production of cattle in KUNAK, Bogor (2012), Study of Nutritech feed additive (tea waste and Hibiscus rosa sinensis leaf) utilization in order to increase sheep performance and reduce enteric methane in vitro and in vivo (2010), Study of Probiotic and Turmeric Supplementation Technology in a ration of Garut sheep in Sumedang- West Java (2009)